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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
Dormitory Admission for 2022-Summer Vacation
No : Date : 2022-05-04 Views : 1061
Please check attached file above Dormitory Admission for 2022-Summer Vacation.
The Check-out date of 2022-Spring semester is June 4.(Sat) (by noon)
***[No extension on your check-out day without Checkout date extension Application in advance]
1. Residence Period
■ Summer Semester: Jun.04.(Sat) 15:00 ~ Jun.24.(Fri) 12:00
■ Whole Summer Vacation: Jun.04(Sat) 15:00 ~ Aug.20(Sat) 12:00
=> You can't change your check-out date to other date.
=> After closed your application, you can't modify your application information.
=> You can NOT change your residence period from [Whole Summer vacation] to [Summer Semester] after closed your application.
=> All applicants of [Summer Semester] can extend your residence periods to [Whole Summer vacation]. (There will be additional application period which you can extend residence period from Summer Semester to whole summer vacation. The room could be changed).
=>Summer Vacation Official Checkout date: Direct management dorms -Aug.20.(Sat) / Spring Semester Official Checkout date: Leased building dorms-Aug.17.(Wed)
2. Application and Payment periods




1st term

Applying period

May 10.(Tue) 11:00
~ May 16.(Mon) 23:00

Announcement of successful applicants

and registration(payment)

May 20.(Fri) 11:00
~ May 23.(Mon) 23:00

2nd term

Applying period

May 24.(Tue) 11:00
~ May 25.(Wed) 23:00

Announcement of successful applicants

and registration(payment)

May 30.(Mon) 11:00 ~
May 31.(Tue) 23:00

Room assignment

Announcement of

the result of Room assignment

After Jun. 3.(Fri) 17:00


3. Method
 Visit [SKKU homepage] - Login [KINGO ID] - Click on [GLS-Application/Requirements Management]- Apply for your dorm on [Dormitory Application] - [Select period] on Application and Fill in all check boxes, then [Submit] - Check your dormitory application status on GLS finally[Dorm info.]
4. Dormitory



Room Type




E-House (Main)




*For the disabled




E-House (Annex)




*For the disabled









 The number of capacity for each room type may be changed depending on the number of applicants. 

■ C/G/I/M-house will be closed during Summer Vacation due to facility inspection. 
■ Leased building dormitory residence period is from Mar. to Aug. Therefore, in case of vacancy, we will additionally recruit new residents, contact Housing Office if you want to apply for it.

■ Eligibility for dormmate application is that the current registered students who didn’t receive dormitory penalty points during ‘2022-previous semester+vacation’. (*In case of 2022-Spring semester New students, you can NOT apply for it until Summer Vacation)

5. Notes for all applicants

■ Dormitory application does not work on a first-come, first-served basis.
■ The number of 100% dormitory capacity will be selected during the first application period. The second round will be operated in case of having vacancy rooms with cancellation after the first round of selection.
■ Should wear a mask when using dormitory communal areas.
■ This ‘Summer Vacation’ period, you can use meal tickets after purchasing(4,000KRW) directly (by debit or credit card only) from a vending machine in E-zipbob without applying for meal coupon application.
■ In case of un-payment , your application will be cancelled automatically, so, all applicants make sure to check the payment duedate and pay for it in time.
■ After payment, it is necessary to check whether your payment is fully completed.
■ SKKU dormitory(Housing office) does not offer quarantine accommodation for summer vacation residents separately.
■ In case your room is changed, you must move into your next changed room on Jun. 04 (Moving hours: 13:00 ~ )
6. Contact
■ Weekdays 09:00~17:30(Lunch hour: 12:00~13:00)
■ SKKU Housing Office Email:


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