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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
Dormitory Admission for 2020-Fall Semester
No : Date : 2020-07-20 Views : 702
1. Domitory
Male : C-house, E-house, M-house, Crownvile A, Crownvile C
Female : E-house, G-house, K-house, Victory House, Crownvile C, LWG(Lee Wan Guen-Gwan)
* Students are not guaranteed to be assigned their first choice. Therefore, you must fillout all options(from 1st to 3rd choices).
* Prioritized selection is only available for the 1st application round. 
2. Specific Information (Application Schedule, Dormiotry Fee, Payment. etc.)
* To check the specific Information, Please download attached files "2020 Fall Semester Dormitory Admission Guidance"
   Please read it carefully before you apply for your dormitory application.
3. Note
* Assigning dormitory is not according to in the order of applying. Applying within the application period.
* You cannot revise the contents of application after the application period. It is difficult to reply to inquiries over the weekend or after the office hour.
* If your payment is not fully made until the registration period, the admission must be cancelled.
* Exchange students must apply for dormitory through the International Office. If you apply through GLS you will not be guaranteed a room.
* 2020-Summer vacation residents must fillout your check-in date on [Aug.22.(Sat)]
* IMPORTANTIn order to prevent the spread of infections such as coronavirus from Fall semester of 2020, it is mandatory for students to submit their results sheet within about two months; June. 1(Mon)~Aug.29(Sat), (based on 89 nights 90 days), before your official checkin date.
4. Housing office
* The office hour   09:00 ~ 17:30 (lunch break : 12:00 ~ 13:00)
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