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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
2020 [Self-quarantine Guide] for Fall Semester Dormitory Residence Students & [Applicaiton Form]
No : Date : 2020-07-09 Views : 897

We inform foreign national entrants of 2020 SKKU Fall semester Students that  you can apply for self-quarantine dormitory.  Read carefully as following information and then submit your application form.

=> Click on this Naver Form

Self-quarantine Guide

for Myeong-ryun Hak-sa foreign students

Humanities and social sciences campus dormitory[SEOUL]


1. Detailed Schedule

A. Operation Period:  2020.08.01.(Sat.) 00:00 ~ 2020.08.20.(Thur.) 12:00(at noon)
(*Students to enter Korea prior to August 6(Thur.) only, to be allowed to register for residence.)
B. Applicant Eligibility:
- Foreign students who are scheduled to register for dorm residence during Fall semester can be provided with a place for quarantine. (*Students who enter S.Korea before August 6(Thur.) only)
*반드시 2020학년도 가을학기(2학기) 기숙사 입사생만 자율격리 신청 가능합니다. 기숙사 입사예정자가 아니신 분들은 외부의 다른 숙소에서 14박(15일) 자율자가격리해주세요. 그리고 한국에 8월 1일~6일 사이에 한국에 입국하시는 분들만 가능하오니 신청시 유념바랍니다. 
- Foreign national entrants such as exchange students, International students, GSB, GMPA, etc.
- Entrants to enter S. Korea after Aug.07.(Fri.) should conduct for 14 days self-quarantine in other accommodation for yourself, separately. (You should show your boarding pass in order to check your Korea Entrance Date on your dormitory check-in date.)
- Domestic citizens(Nationality: Republic of KR) & Students who have NOT applied for our dormitory this Fall semester are UNABLE to apply.
- As‘Normal’ or ‘Completely recovered’persons in Tuberculosis exam result, those who can submit by your dormitory check-in date.
C. Operating dates for check-in: 2020.08.01.(Sat.) ~ 2020.08.06.(Thur.)  * Check-in time: 14:00~23:00
D. Operation Dorms: C/E-(A),(B)/G/K/I-house
2. Application
A. Procedure
1) Individual applicants should do on-line submission via ( -NAVER FORM. If you cannot link Naver Form then fill out an attached application form and submit the form by email . Do NOT email . Use for your quarantine application , please.
2) Individual applicants will be applied on a first-come, first-served basis.
B. Individual application period deadline: 07.13.(Mon.) ~ 07.27.(Mon.) [2 weeks]
C. Such as registration, cancellation and change, if any, shall be notified to Housing office by at least 3 days before your check in date.
3. Payment Information
A. Quarantine dormitory fee
- Total fee(Room rates+meals+others): 605,000 KRW
B. How to pay
1) Individually wire onto virtual account (by korean currency after entering Korea). (*We only accept payment in KRW(₩) and Bank commission or service fees has to be paid separately from your quarantine fee) 
2) Remittance via virtual account on the day of lifting quarantine or before.
3) No refund nor re-entrance
C. Remark
1) Remittance for self-quarantine must be completed before your official check-in date of Fall semester, only.(*If you do not pay, you can not check-in your dormitory(2020 Fall-semester dormitory).
2) You have to pay onto our dormitory virtual account issued under your name each before your check-in dorm (for Fall semester) after check-out the quarantine dormitory.
3) In case of application cancellation incurred due to personal reasons (such as cancellation of flight or visa, etc), a penalty fee of 50,000 KRW will be incurred (unless such cancellation is reported by at least 2 days prior to expected date of dormitory check-in). (*e.g: if your expected date of dormitory check-in is on Aug.1, no penalty is incurred, so long as cancelation is informed of Housing office by July. 29.
 However, a penalty of 50,000 KRW will be incurred if such is informed on/after July 30.) That is, If you ask for reservation cancellation for 2 days prior to your qarantine date, you will have to pay the penalty(50,000won). (*For example, [No penalty] : Check-in date: 2020.08.05. Cancellation date: ~2020.08.02 [Penalty fee 50,000KRW] : Check-in date: 2020.08.05. Cancellation date: 2020.08.03.~ 2020.08.05.)
4. Dormitory Life
A. Check-in time: 14:00 ~ 23:00
B. Check-out time: 12:00 ~ 13:00
C. Regulation:
1) No exiting/entering, only stay in your private room, no smoking
2) Food and water will be provided 3 times a day, Bring your own snacks. (*Meals are provided from the day after your check-in date, and the designated menu cannot be changed. All student will receive the same food box.)  (*Cooking facilities are unavailable to use and you cannot choose the kind of food box.)
3) Laundry: Simple hand laundry in the bathroom of the your quarantine room.
4) Leaving your quarantine room is prohibited after moving in and no use hallway, public lounge, laundry room 5) Facility: bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, mini refrigerator(below 50L), cooling&hearting system, wireless internet router, waste paper basket, etc.
D. Mandatory details: You should report your [Name / Studnet ID# / Body temperature / Physical condition] to Housing office managers, every 11:00 A.M.
E. Preparation:
1) (Required) Boarding pass or passport, valid result paper of Tuberculosis confirmation (according to the Ministry of Education policy, all dormitory residents must submit the TB checkup confirmation which conducted within about 2 months, after June 1,2020.) We only accept Chest X-ray(for TB test) result sheet.  Blood test result is not acceptable.
2) Clothes: Clothes, shoes, towels, etc.
3) Medical hygiene: Medicine, masks, toiletries(toilet paper, wipes), etc.
4) Other personal belongings: Laptop computer, battery charger, stationery(books), toiletry, etc.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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