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Dormitory Admission for 2019-Summer Vacation[2nd]
No : Date : 2019-05-17 Views : 1778

Dormitory Admission for 2019-Summer Vacation

Please check attached file above Dormitory Admission for 2019-Summer Vacation.
The Check-out date of 2019-Spring semester is June.22.Sat(by noon) [No extension of Check-out]
1. Residence Period
 ■ Summer Semester : Jun.22.(Sat) 09:00 ~ Jul.13.(Sat) 12:00
 ■ Whole Summer Vacation : Jun.22.(Sat) 09:00 ~ Aug.30.(Fri) 12:00
  => You can't change your check-out date to other day.
  =>  After closed your application, You can't modifiy your applicaion information.
  =>  All applicants of [Summer Semester] can extend your residence periods: to [Whole Summer vacation].
       (The room could be changed)
2. Application and Payment periods
 ■ 2st Application period :  June.10.(Mon) 09:00 ~ Jun.12.(Wed) 23:00 (on GLS)
 ■ Announcement and Resistration(Payment) : Jun.14.(Fri) 10:00 ~ Jun.17.(Mon) 23:00
     (Check individually on GLS, in case of un-payment, Your application should be cancelled automatically)
 ■ Room allotment : Jun.20.(Fri) 17:00 (on GLS)
3. Dormitory
   => C/I/M-house will not open during Summer Vacation for ISS
4. Notes for Applicants
 ■ Exchange students could reside during Summer Vacation in the E-house without distinction of gender
      (Male/Female), it does not mean the same room.
 ■ Female Exchange students could reside during Summer Vacation in the K-house and G-house.
 ■ A male disabled student can reside in K-House
      (The male assistant/guardian can enter K-house for helping the disabled)
 ■ The room will be assinged from Hign floor due to energy saving and building management/maintenance.
  No Shuttle Bus Service during Vacation periods
  You can not change and get refund of E-zipbob meal coupons after your payment.
5. Notes for Spring semester's residents 
  The room will be assinged from high floors(Top-down).
  In case your room is changed, You must move into your next changed room on Jun.22
     (Moving time : 13:00 ~ 15:00 on Jun.22)
  All residents must submit [Check-out list of Spring semester:퇴사확인서] and [Check-in list of Summer periods:  입사확인서]on your GLS. If you do not submit it you can receive penalty points. 
      Even if your room is not changed, you should also submit it.
  There are no check-in procedures with students who are assinged same room with Spring semester.
       You should Just submit [Check-in list 입사확인서/ Check-out list 퇴사확인서] on your GLS.
       And You should Keep your room clean before leaving and checkout
       because The housing assistant(R.A.) will check your room in the afternoon on Jun.22.
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