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  • Working hours : 9:00am-5:30pm, Weekdays [Lunch Break 12pm-1pm]
  • Seoul Dormitory Office E-mail :

Operations Center [Operating dormitories and counseling residents] Detail view on

    • Officer
    • Management of Dormitory Admission, Payment, and Vacation admission program
    • Officer
    • Managing & Counselling of K/E-house Annex/Victory House, Management of Dormitory Website
    • Officer
    • Managing & Counselling of C/E-House/Crownvile, Management of Dormitory Check-in/out
    • Officer
    • Managing & Counselling of G/I/M/IWG-house, Guest House management

Information Center(Security Office)
[Security, mail service(receiving only), providing emergency kit] Detail view on

Dormitory Assistant [Room inspection and guidance, nightshift] Detail view on