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명륜학사(영문) | FAQ 게시판
Q [Life] What's the room inspection?
Q [Join/Resign] How can I submit check-in list?
Q [Life] What should I prepare to live in the dorm and is there any impermissible items?
Q [Join/Resign] How can I get medical checkup in School?
Q [Join/Resign] How can I pay for maintenance and utility fee(leased building residents)?
Q [Join/Resign] Who can apply for dormitories?
Q [Join/Resign] Regarding applying for dormmate(roommate)
Q [Life] Is there a bed in the dorm and how's the size?
Q [Life] How can I get my parcel?
Q [Join/Resign] What's refund regulation if I move out from the dorm before the official check-out date?
Q [Life] What kind of facilities are in the dormitories?
Q [Join/Resign] How can I make KINGO ID/access to GLS?
Q [Join/Resign] Is there any room change for the Summer/Winter vacation?
Q [Life] Can non-residents(outsiders) enter the dormitory?
Q [Life] What should I do if I get a sick suddenly at night?
Q [Life] If my personal possession is lost, can I check the CCTV recordings?
Q [Life] If I have any inquiry or problem, what can I do?
Q [Life] How can I get my roommate's contact information?
Q [Life] I have a problem with my roommate. What should I do?
Q [Life] Is there a curfew and regulation for sleeping out?
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