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[Notice in English] Notice regarding Changes of 2020 Spring Semester Dormitory Admission
번호 : 753 등록일 : 2020-03-25 조회수 : 338

Notice regarding Changes of 2020 Spring Semester Dormitory Admission


The Academic Affairs Committee of our university has confirmed to conduct all classes for the spring semester of 2020 exclusively online 'until COVID-19 crisis is going down'. Accordingly, Myeongryunhaksa(Seoul Campus Dormitory) has notified the following changes of the dormitory check-in, cancellation, and check-out.


1. Dormitory Admission Cancellation 

  Subjects: Students who haven't check-in Dormitory and want to cancel the dormitory application.

  Period of Cancel: Mar.25(Wed) ~ Apr.3.(Fri)

  How to Cancel: GLS→ Application/Requirement Management→ Dorm Info.→ "Cancel(Refund)" Click     


  Refund Amount: Full Refund 

   - If you have extended your check-in date, the dormitory fee(charged fee and paid fee) can be seen differently. You will get a refund which you paid.

   - If you want to use Overseas Bank account for refund, Just fill "1" and choose any bank When you fill the bank information on "Cancel(Refund)" and then contact with []

   - Money will be exchanged as a currency of a transferring date. For sending money to foreign bank, transferring fee will be deducted from your dormitory fee.


2. Check-out from Dormitory 

  Subjects: Students who have already checked-in Dormitory and want to check-out from dormitory.

  Application Period of Check-out: Mar.25.(Wed) ~ Apr.3.(Fri)

  Refund Amount

   1) If you will Check-out til Apr.5.(Sun): You will get a refund of remain days except for the days you have already stayed

   2) If you will check-out after Apr.6.(Mon): You will get a refund as existing dormitory refund regulation.

    * Direct Dormitories: You can get a refund after excluding 15days' room fee from whole remaining days in case of having over 30 days.(No refund in case if less than 30 days remain until regular check-out date.)

    * Leased Buildings: None-refundable. 

  Maintenance fee and Utility fee could be charged to residents of Leased Building.

  It will take about 2 weeks for the refund from check-out date. (Refund to foreign bank will take about 3 weeks)


3. Extension of Check-in date.

  Subjects: Students who haven't checked in dormitories and want to extend check-in date.

  Application period of Extension: Mar.25.(Wed) ~ Apr.3.(Fri)

  Available date for check-in Choose one of dates from Mar.25.(Wed) to Apr.30.(Fri)

  Refund: There will be a refund for a difference of check-in date.

  It will take about 2 weeks for the refund from check-in date. 



4. How to Apply for check-out AND Extension of Check-in date.: Click the below link and submit your information and date.

  Direct Dormitories (C/E/G/K/M-House) [CLICK LINK]

  Leased Buildings (Victory House, Crownville A, Crownville C, LWG) [CLICK LINK]


5. Note

  If you write wrong student ID on the application, your application won't be applied.

  If you apply for cancellation of dormitory admission or Check-out, You can not check in dorms again in this Spring Semester. (Students who applied for available dorms and are waiting will be assigned according to order of waiting list.) 

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